Mink Hill Timber Frame Homes has been designing and building timber frame homes since 1994. Kyle M. Whitehead, President, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and over 30 years of extensive experience in commercial and residential construction. He is a member of the Timber Framers Guild. Mink Hill Timber Frames is a member of the Timber Frame Business Council, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance and the North East Sustainable Energy Association.

Mink Hill Timber Frames is a company that specializes in all aspects of Timber Framing including building the complete house, with a focus on using green and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Our design team and joiners are a small and diverse group who share a passion for the art and tradition of timber framing and a love of the "community" that sprouts as a result of people coming together to build something special. Our Mission is to design and build traditional fine handcrafted timber frame homes and buildings.