Mink Hill Timber Frames has designed and built many commercial and public projects. When the design of the heavy framing of timbers requires the use of steel rods and plates to resist the tension loads we always conceal the steel rods and plates so that the beauty of the wood can be celebrated. Often times, we can demonstrate to the Project Engineer, with our own Engineer’s calculations, that a traditional large wood thru tenon can meet the design requirements for the tension loads.

Another option that we often pursue, is we can revise the Project Architect / Engineer’s design to minimize the tension loads, adding some “wow factor” to the heavy timber framing without increasing the cost. But in any case, do not confuse this modern commercial approach with that of the Post and Beam method. Mink Hill Timber Frames will always use the most innovative approach to designing their projects, and concealed rods and plates are just one tool in our design bag.

Mink Hill Timber Frames Public projects include the Hampton Beach State Park Timber Framed Bath Houses ( shown above ). In our shop, we would classify some of our commercial projects that incorporate structural timber elements that are connected with hidden tension rods as a hybrid heavy timber design.  In addition to the State of New Hampshire project, we have designed and built commercial / public timber frame projects for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest SPNF ( French Wing ), Town of Nelson Library, Rouse Barn and the Rev DeSanto’s Church to name a few. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our Timber Frame building and design portfolio and the challenges and uniqueness of each and every one of our projects.  We are highly experienced and successful at designing and building commercial / public projects that require a tight budget and schedule and the highest level of quality.

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