Expertise: Why Choose Us?

Mink Hill Timber Frames is a small timber frame company committed to the highest standards. We pursue our goal by maintaining a talented staff who have a voice and a stake in the company and who truly believe in our mission.

Mink Hill Timber Frame Homes

Our clients admire and appreciate the level of detail and commitment that goes into our frames. We love to show off our work. Please fill out the brief form so that we can schedule an appointment for you to see the shop and some nearby frames and houses.

We produce an individualized, handcrafted timber frame.

  • Our wood joinery is pinned with hand riven pegs that are split with a froe and shaped on the shaving horse.
  • We offset our pegs holes so that the hand riven peg will draw the joint tight as the peg is pounded into the hole (hence called draw bore) just like our first generation timber framers. This time-tested process is not used by most timber frame shops.
  • Our frames typically have traditional gunstock posts and English tying joints.
  • The ceiling joist and purlin ends are gracefully curved with an adze and finished with a spoke shave as they come into the carrying girt (this reduces the stresses on the timbers and it looks great too).
  • We embellish our frames with edge chamfers, beads and hand carved lambs tongues and if requested, we carve the date and our logo on the frame.
  • Our braces are curved and may be a different wood than the frame (usually oak or cherry).
  • We embrace and incorporate "green building" technology and sustainable building practices in our work.
  • For Clients looking for a more organic feel, we have enhanced their frames with naturally curved “ live edge “ braces, tie beams and struts.
Cherry brace frame