Mink Hill Timber Frame Homes is a member of NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association). We believe in building energy efficient buildings using natural materials and products as well as using local and less processed materials.

Green Building Practices

All of our houses are designed and built with the following Green Building or sustainable energy practices:
  • Our timber frames are cut primarily from local "green" and sustainably harvested timber lots
  • We use a number of different species of wood
  • Our timbers are finished with a Natural Eco and client friendly floor finish Hard Oil # 9 by Bioshield Paint
  • Super-insulated energy efficient SIPS panels (stress-skin panels) for the wall and roof systems
  • Fresh air ventilation systems

Energy Saving Measures

The following are simple and cost effective energy efficient measures that we encourage and help all of our clients to consider:
  • Use of Compact Florescent lamps in electrical fixtures
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Super efficient boilers and heating systems
  • On demand hot water systems
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems

We are particularly proud to have been part of the following "green" and sustainable projects:

  • Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests - east wing addition, timber frame structural atrium, first LEED-certified building in New Hampshire
  • Pierce Means House, Amherst, NH - restoration and timber frame addition using SIPS and geothermal heating and cooling
  • Weare, New Hampshire Timber Frame Addition and shop/barn - solar thermal heating and hot water, SIPS panels - King/Faulkner timber frame home - SIPS panels, outdoor wood boiler, PV electrical system and wind power, composting toilet
  • Green Woodlands timber frame residence - LEED-rated residence, urethane foam walls and SIPS roof panels, PV electrical and hydropower, composting toilets

Green Systems for your home

Some of our clients have taken it to the next level of "green" and sustainable energy by adding one or more of the following systems to their homes:
  • Photovoltaic panels solars electrical systems
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Solar thermal heating and hot water systems
  • Wind and hydro power
  • Composting toilets and gray water systems

Find out more about the Greenwood Lands Project

One thing we have learned while helping our clients build a healthy, energy efficient and beautiful home, is that they can achieve their goal in many different ways! Let's discuss how we can pool our efforts together to create a special home for you!
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