New Hampshire Seacoast Timber Frame

Mink Hill Timber Frames performs fit up in shop of Discover Center Display Discover Center Seacoast

Upper Valley Timber Frame

Mink Hill Timber Frames teams up with the Town of Hanover to build the Addition to the Etna Library.

Etna Library

Franconia Mountain Home

The Franconia Home was designed in collaboration with the Owner and Mink Hill Timber Frames. The designs takes advantage of the great views, passage solar and energy efficiency. Soaring ceilings, compound joinery, timber valleys and a laminated arch is enclosed with super insulated Structural Insulated Panels.

Franconia Mountain Home

Moultonborough Camp Lake Winnipesaukee Timber Frame

West Camp

Dion Camp

Dion Mountain Camp

Broekhuizen Camp

Broekhuizen Camp

Hampton Beach Bath Houses


Bau Residence

Custom Home - Concord, MA

Mink Hill Timber Frame completes Franconia Project


This proud owner shows off his new Timber Frame Home.

Green Woodlands LEED Certified Residential Home

Mink Hill Timber Frame Homes was fortunate to be part of the team that designed and built Bob and Sandy Green’s LEED Certified House on part of a  20,00 acre of land  in  Dorchester, New Hampshire.
We had previously worked with Stuart White of Banwell Architects, Michael Bruss of Bruss Construction and Ed Levin of Paradigm Builders. This team that Bob and Sandy Green had assembled to fulfill their dream of building a model Green home was exceptional and we wanted to be one of the players in the worst way! We convinced Bob and Sandy and the rest of the team that the only timber frame approach that  would fit the spirit of the Green Woodlands   “ Green Project”   would be for the timber framers to live on site and for the timber frame design to take advantage of the naturally curved trees that could be sourced out within  the vast forest.
The layout of the frame would be a traditional  “ French Scribe “ plumb line scribe incorporating  live edge organic timbers. The timber surface would be finished dressed with an adze prior to the scribe lay up.. The joinery would be cut by hand without the use of power tools. We would rough out the joinery  using  large timber frame hand saws “ Man and a Boy saws” and axes. The finishing of the joinery would be executed  with chisels and hand planes. The talented and enthusiastic  crew consisted of the following timber frame designer and joiners:
Ed Levin, Kyle Whitehead, Tim Berube, Matt Steele, Lucas Fowler, Kurt Martin, Jesse Lazar, Romeo Dubreuil, Rusty Partridge,  Dan Paul. and Jason Paul.
For more information on the Green Building of Green Woodlands click on link below:

Greenwood Lands LEED Project
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