Mink Hill Timber Frames pride itself on designing and crafting historically inspired Post and Beam Barns.

We have built timber framed barns that have been replicated from 18th and 19th century American vernacular as well as Early European styles. Most of our clients have unique needs and uses for their barns ranging from Carriage Barns, Village Barns, Utilitarian Barns, horse / animal Barns, Guest House Out Buildings and even Party Barns!

Everyone one of our barns is a custom design, tailored to the needs and requirements of our Clients. We are able to design and build custom Post and Beam Barns competitive with standard barn plans of other timber frame companies by keeping our Overhead low and maintaining our focus on the craft of timber framing. Our Post and Beam designs range from the elementary vernacular framing styles to the highly complex compound joinery or even highly skilled full scribe organic timber frames (Organic timbers are logs that have been sawn only on the vertical faces ).

Let’s start the process of designing your very own Barn! One that fits your desires and budget!

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